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Otto Colbert
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PanaVise Timeline - History

Tool and die maker Otto Colbert founded Colbert Industries, Inc. (later to be called PanaVise Products, Inc.). To make his work easier, Otto needed to tilt, turn and rotate his die casting dies for repair. Thus, the famous "split ball" base was developed and patented.

PanaVise begins exporting its products. Today PanaVise can be found in 25 countries around the world.

PanaVise receives its second patent on the now famous 300 standard base.

PanaVise develops a Circuit Board Holder as an interchangeable head for the 300 base, and becomes a "standard" in the electronics tool industry.

Colbert Industries is purchased by Gary Richter, our current president. The name of the company is changed to PanaVise Products, Inc. and is relocated to Long Beach, California.

PanaVise begins supplying mounts using the famous "split ball" to Federal Express for their Mobile Data Terminals (in-vehicle computers). This becomes the largest installed base of Mobile Data Terminals in the world, all held by PanaVise.

PanaVise develops its first Mobile Phone Mount for Xyntel. This product later evolves into the PanaVise 320 Standard Phone Mount.

PanaVise builds special mounts and bases for use in the U.S. space shuttle program.

PanaVise develops the Slimline Cellular Phone Mount, which becomes the most successful product ever developed by PanaVise.

PanaVise relocates from Long Beach, California to the high desert of Sparks, Nevada. This expands corporate facilites to 29,000 square feet.

PanaVise enters the CCTV/Security industry with their own line of CCTV/Security Camera Mounts. Another PanaVise frontier is forged.

The PanaVise 300 Base is redesigned once more to increase its holding power by 100% and it receives its third U.S. Patent on the "split ball" design.

PanaVise develops the PVJr line of miniature vises, which quickly becomes the fastest selling Vise in its product line.

PanaVise enters into the Sound industry with a new line of Speaker Mounts. A natural off shoot from their already successfull line of Cellular Phone Mounts and CCTV/Security Camera Mounts.

PanaVise celebrates its 40th Anniversary. Ground is broken on a new 58,000 square foot manufacturing and administrative facility in Reno, Nevada.

PanaVise moves all of its employees into the new facility in Reno, Nevada. Shortly there after the street PanaVise is located on is renamed Colbert Drive in honor of our founder.

PanaVise designs the 709 Window Mount for a Delphi Automotive product. This becomes the spring board for PanaVise quickly becoming recognized around the world as the quality leader in suction cup-window mounts for Mobile Electronics in vehicles.

September 2006, PanaVise celebrates it's 50th year in business. PanaVise is issued a U.S. design patent on it's fast selling Model 809 Window Mount

To better serve it's fast growing OEM market in Asia, PanaVise establishes PanaVise Tool (Changzhou), LLC in Changzhou, China

From simple beginnings over 60 years ago, we have become the world leader in work holding solutions.

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