Replacement and Enhancements parts for your PanaVise. You can select different-replacement Jaws or Jaw Pads to suit your requirements. Or add accesssories to make your work easier. Or repait the vacuum pad on your 380-381 Vacuum Base.

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Excellent electrical insulation!
Model: 343  Nylon Jaws Model 343
  • Standard replacement Jaws for our 303 and 304 Vise Heads.
  • Made of Type 6/6 Nylon
  • Heat tolerant to 200°F (93°C)
Price: $2.99   
Perfect for small tubes, rods or circuit boards!
Model: 344  Grooved Nylon Jaws Model 344
  • For 303 and 304 Vise Heads. Excellent electrical insulation with a grooved surface.
  • Made of Type 6/6 Nylon
  • Heat tolerant to 200°F (93°C)
Price: $3.99   
The name says it all!
Model: 352  High Heat Jaws Model 352
  • For 303 and 304 Vise Heads. Recommended for high heat applications.
  • Won't scratch or mar dleicate pieces.
  • Heat tolerant to 500°F (260°C)
Price: $11.99   
Your heavy-duty alternative!
Model: 353  Plated Steel Jaws Model 353
  • For 303 and 304 Vise Heads
  • Recommended for high heat, industrial environments.
Price: $9.99   
A gentler, high-heat choice!
Model: 354  Brass Jaws Model 354
  For 303 and 304 Vise Heads.
  A non-marring alternative.
Price: $10.99   
Protect the finish of your project with these add-on Jaw Pads
Model: 204  Neoprene Jaw Pads for 201,203,207,209 Model 204
  For Models 201, 207, 209, & 203 PV Jr. Head.
  Neoprene Pads slip over the existing jaws
  Jaw face is flat.
Price: $3.49   
Easy on, Easy off handle for faster jaw movement & fine tuning control.
Model: 239  Speed Control Handle for 201, 203, 207 and 209 Model 239
  Easy on, Easy off handle for faster jaw movement & fine tuning control.
  Ideal for working with gloves or quickly opening and closing vise jaws.
  Snaps on existing knob. No tools needed for assembly.
Price: $3.49   
Gentle pads with plenty of holding power!
Model: 346  Deluxe Neoprene Jaw Pads Model 346
  Standard replacement Jaws for our 366 & 376 Vise Heads.
  Ribbed on one side.
  Reverse the pads to use wide "V" to hold round objects.
Price: $2.99   
Gentle pads with non-marking holding power
Model: 346NM  Deluxe Non-Marking Neoprene Jaw Pads Model 346NM
  For 366 and 376 Vise Heads.
  Same characteristics as 346 Neoprene Jaw Pads.
  Except made with special Non-Marring Neoprene Formula.
Price: $3.99   
A handy time saver that keeps your leads and tools organized!
Model: 358  Wire Manager Model 358
  Slides onto a 366 Wide Opening Head or 376 Extra-Wide Opening Head.
  Tempered steek spring, zinc plated
  Pivots away from jas when not in use.
Price: $21.99   
Keep your soldering iron and solder close at hand!
Model: 371  Solder Station Model 371
  Combines a solder iron holder and solder wire spool holder.
  For either our 308 Weighted Base Mount or 312 Tray Base Mount.
  May be used as a free standing unit, and easily attaches to a work surface.
Price: $16.99   
Repair your torn or damaged vacuum base pad!
Model: 380-RK  Vacuum Base Repair Kit Model 380-RK
  For the repair of PanaVise 380 and 381 vacuum base pads.
  Includes rubber pad, handle and lock washer.
Price: $14.99   

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