All PanaVise Circuit Board Holders have the ability to rotate qucikly from front to back. This makes it easy to insert and solder components, and to flip the board around for testing an QC work. Th "V" shaped grooves securely hold the board edge. Lever locks the arms open for easy board insertion and removal. Spring tensioned arms equalizes the hold pressure.

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Model: 315  Circuit Board Holder Model 315
  • Designed to be used with any 300 Series Base
  • Arms extend 6" (152.4mm) from crossbar.
  • Holds boards up to 12" (304.8mm) wide. Use accessory cross bars to hold wider boards.
Price: $35.99   
A Complete And Economical Electronic Work Station
Model: 324  Electronic Work Center Model 324
  • This practical pre-assembled combination includes a 315 Circuit Board Holder, a 300 Standard Base, a 312 Tray Base Mount and a 371 Solder Station.
Price: $91.99   
Speed Up Your Production Work!
Model: 333  Rapid Assembly Circuit Board Holder Model 333
  • 8 rotating adjustment at the head.
  • 6 positive lock positions in the vertical plane.
  • Variable height adjustment.
Price: $89.99   
Add A 2nd Set Of Arms To Work On Multiple Boards.
Model: 316  Circuit Board Arms Model 316
  • Compatible with all PanaVise Circuit Board Holders.
  • Includes Left and Right arm and knobs.
Price: $19.99   
Missing A Knob? Replacements Are Available
Model: 319  Replacement Knobs Model 319
  • For use with th 315 Circuit Board Holder, 324 Electronic Work Center and 333 Rapid Assembly Circuit Board Holder.
Price: $4.49   
Add A Longer Cross Bar To Hold Wider Circuit Boards
Model: 318   Model 318
  • For use with th 315 Circuit Board Holder, 324 Electronic Work Center and 333 Rapid Assembly Circuit Board Holder.
  • When selecting a crossbar add a minimum of 2" (50.8mm) to you widest circuit board width to accomodate the arms.
  • Available in 4" (101.6mm) increments from 14" (304.8mm) to 30" (762mm).
Price: $   

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